Building on a 50 year reputation!


Past Projects

O’Malley Construction Company was formed in Galway in 1971.  The core business of O’Malley’s, for the past 40 years, has been house building and we have, since 1971, housed over 25,000 people in both Galway and Dublin.   Our main focus has always been on Location, Quality of Product, Customer Service and Satisfaction.  We are proud of the fact that we are currently servicing the 2nd generation of Purchasers, due to the trust built through years of personal contact with Customers.  All our sales are handled directly with the Customer by our Head Office Team, as we find that Customers prefer to deal directly with the Company.  O’Malley Construction Company prides itself on its policy of Customer Satisfaction and any second hand house advertisement invariably describes the property as an “O’Malley Built Home”.

O’Malley Construction has continued to build estates in Galway since 1971 and, to date, has completed in excess of 50 estates (approximately 8,000 units).  In the 1990’s, the Company decided to bring its successful approach in house building to Dublin, and has continued building in Dublin to the present day.  Completed developments to date include Merrion Woods in Stillorgan, Ballsbridge Wood & Symphony House on Adelaide Road